Dear participants of the 7th Prague IHS, dear friends and supporters!

The 7th Prague International Health Summit was for the first time organized by the CEE Health Policy Network. The goal of the Summit was to present innovative solutions in healthcare organization and delivery as well as new financial arrangements to create value for consumers and to present Strategic Scenarios 2020: The future of CEE Healthcare.

Altogether, the 7th Prague International Health Summit had 138 delegates from 13 countries, 19 speakers and 1 Minister of Health (Miklós Szócska from Hungary). The Summit lasted 3 days; it had 6 working sections, 5 networking sessions and 2 business breakfasts.

Our thank goes to all partners who supported the 7th Prague International Health Summit.

The speakers

Opening session

The 7Th Prague International Health Summit was opened by Peter Pažitný, Jim Rice and Tomáš Macháček. The working program of the Summit was opened by Tomáš Macháček and his key note speech on how cash flow defines behavior and his vision that perception of the chronic illness will be of strategic nature. Therefore, management of chronic diseases via improved communication, enhanced healthy behavior and motivation schemes for clients will play a decisive role in the future.

Section 1

In section 1, Tim Evans spoke about greater freedom of patient’s information and why this approach in European Healthcare could save lives and money. Johan Hjertqvist presented the 2012 European Health Consumer Index and answered the question, how can the Dutch top performance work in favor of health consumers. Stanimir Hasurdjiev focused on the case study of the National Patients Organization in Bulgaria and their way of protecting patient’s rights.

Section 2

In section 2, Tamara Pieterse presented a detailed view on the system of nominal premiums in Netherlands. Dan Cave captured the attention of auditorium by his presentation on the design of a disease management program. Adam Kozierkiewicz presented his view on the private health insurance in Poland.

Section 3

Imre Boncz opened the third section with his presentation on the Future of Healthcare in Europe. Peter Pažitný presented the work of the CEE HPN team on Strategic scenarios 2020 and introduced the methodology and key ideas. Miklós Szócska gave a brief overview of the current Hungarian situation and the Government approaches how to solve the challenges.

Section 4

In section 4, Pavel Hroboň presented his view on why consumer control over healthcare spending is so important. Amy Bergner spoke about the increased popularity of high deductible plans in USA. Tomáš Jakubík focused on the description of the situation in Slovakia and mentioned a new channel of financing healthcare - consumer loans.

Section 5

In section 5, Diana Dennett presented the auditorium case studies from US focused on the strength of communication. Amiad Ben Meir raised the attention on how to structure and communicate private health insurance cover. Vladimír Hruda pointed out the advantages of online advertising in healthcare business.

Section 6

In section 6, Tomáš Macháček presented a modern concept of health insurance based on integration of economic, clinical and consumer frameworks. Wesley Berkovsky presented a case study on their CentAccount program in USA. Angelika Szalayová focused on the first pilot project of integrated care in Slovakia – Plan MEDIPARTNER in Košice.

Closing session

The Summit was closed by Tomáš Macháček, who was reading the Prague declaration and closing remarks of Jim Rice.


Innovations are one of the core values of the CEE HPN. The Summit was prepared in an innovative way:

  • Focus on case studies and real-life experience
  • Networking as an essential part of the Summit supported by 5 event – CEE HPN annual meeting, CEE HPN networking session, Welcome Dinner, VIP cocktail and the Gala Dinner
  • 4 short movies  to present Strategic scenarios 2020: The future of CEE Healthcare
  • Interactive presenation of Wild cards from Strategic scenarios at the Gala Dinner
  • Smartphone application about the 7th Prague International Health Summit
  • Light and sound effects during the whole Summit to underline the emotional experience of Delegates


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